Saltwater Hotels & Resorts

Saltwater Hotels & Resorts

Location: Australia
Hotel type: Independent
1,900 Rooms

Triptease provides us a complete solution with which to manage our parity and digital marketing."

Adele Chambers
Revenue Manager

Data recorded in August 2019
Objectives Solutions Results
Acquire guests via metasearch and reduce dependency on OTAs. With Triptease Meta , Saltwater can automatically adjust their bid for every guest depending on demographic, behavioral, parity and CRS data.

Despite having no prior experience with metasearch, the team at Saltwater is able to intelligently acquire guests via meta and guide them through the purchase journey.
7.13%Meta % of revenue
Regain control of rate parity and reduce time wasted on investigating the source of price discrepancies. The Parity Management dashboards gives the team a clear view of their parity issues as they occur, showing them the real price disparities that guests are seeing.

This means they can resolve them quickly and avoid a negative impact on their website and metasearch conversion rates.
Triptease makes it easy to address disparities promptly and provides us evidence of OTA undercutting.
Prove to guests that they get the best experience when they book direct. Targeted Messages allow Saltwater to personalize the website experience for every guest. Precision targeting can be used to create a seamless experience from metasearch through to booking.

When a hotel is in parity, Price Check shows guests that the best price is available direct.
A$435K Incremental revenue with Triptease’s Conversion tools


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