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Live Chat: A Hotelier's Guide

Is live chat the right choice for your hotel? Chances are, the answer is yes. Download the free guide for best practices, case studies and more.

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Is live chat the right choice for my hotel?

Chances are, the answer is yes. Live chat may have been optional in 2017. In 18 months' time, it's going to be as necessary for charming guests as free wifi.

For hotels, messaging is uniquely important. The 'business' of hospitality is based on communication and relationships between people. Increased automation should not mean the loss of people-oriented service; indeed, it's the technology of live chat that will allow hoteliers worldwide to deliver their individualised service at scale.

We've pooled our insights from Front Desk - Triptease's live chat built specifically for hotels - to produce a handy Hotelier's Guide to live chat.


  • 4 ways to wow guests over messenger

  • Live chat case study: what do hoteliers really think about chat?

  • The 3 key steps to converting chats into sales

... and much more. Download it free today!

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