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Asia-Pacific is a land of opportunity for savvy hoteliers; more and more travellers are flocking to the region every day, seeking new and unique experiences.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t escaped the notice of OTAs. They have pounced on APAC in a major way and now account for 70% of the online hotel market there, according to Phocuswright.

So where does this leave hotels? That’s the issue we tackle in the latest in our Spotlight on… report series.

An essential read for anyone looking to grow their business in Asia-Pacific, it charts the progress of the Direct Booking Movement in the region.

It starts by looking at the power of OTAs. Find out how much on average hotel prices are undercut by them to get a sense of the problem. We’ll give you a clue: the average undercut rate is in double figures, as is the US-dollar amount.

But there's more. You also get:

  • The chance to benchmark your hotel with undercutting data broken down by country
  • Insight from industry insiders
  • A look at the theories behind Agoda’s ‘changing prices’
  • The view from a fellow hotelier
  • Our best direct booking tips, including how to turbo-charge your performance on mobile, use social media to boost business and maximise the billboard effect on metasearch.

Download it now to read it for yourself and share it with your team members. If you want to know more about how we put the report together or the data we used, feel free to get in touch at

View the Spotlight report

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