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The top Triptease products you built in 2019

You request it, we build it. Customer feedback is at the heart of everything we do at Triptease. Here are the updates that your ideas helped shape in 2019.

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The top Triptease products you built in 2019

As another productive year at Triptease draws to a close, we wanted to take a minute to thank our hotel partners for helping us build the most impactful products possible in 2019.

Our Product Team invests a huge number of hours in listening to and learning from our amazing customers. Whether that’s meeting at events, giving early beta access to products we’re still building or getting in touch for a chat about the issues you’re facing, we aim to put real hoteliers’ needs and opinions at the heart of everything we do.

One particularly effective way of ensuring we’re building the products that you want to use is our feature request board. This is where our clients can make a direct request for a particular feature or tool, or vote on pre-existing ideas. If we see a request getting a lot of upvotes from other hoteliers, we know this is something we need to review and consider adding to our product roadmap.

A screen shot of the Triptease Feature Request page, showing requests for a breakdown of influenced bookings and a response from Product Manager, Laura Rogers, confirming that the feature has been launched

Of course there will sometimes be requests that - as much as we’d love to build them - just aren’t possible for us to invest in at the current time. That might be because they don’t fit with our broader business strategy or simply that our Product Team is at capacity and the work can’t be done. In those instances we’ll get back in touch with the client who requested it and explain why we’re unable to develop the idea. But the majority of the time, if a request is popular enough and it makes sense in relation to our wider vision for the business, we’ll find a way to make it happen!

So once again we’d like to say a huge thank you to the hoteliers around the world who made feature requests this year. Below you can read a summary of the most popular product requests that went on to become usable features in the past twelve months. Some are big, some are seemingly quite small - but no matter the size we know that they were important to ship because YOU had asked for them. Here’s to another year of working together to build great things in 2020.

The top five requests of 2019

1. View product performance breakdown

Number of votes: 43

This was the most highly requested feature that we built in 2019. Customers wanted to be able to see which Triptease tools were the most efficient at influencing direct bookings, so we added a product performance breakdown section to the Triptease Insights page. Read more about our top requested update of the year by logging into the Product Updates page of the Triptease platform.

A screenshot of the Triptease Platform showing the 'Product performance' section of the Triptease Insights page

2. Set message branding on a hotel level

Number of votes: 23

Since releasing the ability to seamlessly create and implement your hotel’s brand across all Nudge, Full Screen and Undercut messages by default back in June, we had lots of feedback asking us to provide a way to set branding at a hotel level, rather across a whole group. This made perfect sense to us as our clients will often have different branding for individual properties or groups of hotels.

Version two of branding - complete with the ability to set up sub-brands was launched earlier this month.

A screenshot of the Triptease Platform 'Branding' page within the 'Settings' section, showing the option to upload both a 'Default brand' and multiple 'Sub brands' for Targeted Messages

3. Download conversion data and request booking references

Number of votes: 20

We’re continuously working out new ways to help Triptease clients easily access and analyze their Triptease data, so this feature request was enormously helpful to our team. You now have the capacity to download a csv file of your Triptease conversion data, allowing you to run deeper analysis on your direct booking strategy and performance.

4. Redirect a message call to action to a new tab

Number of votes: 16

Previously when a potential customer clicked a call to action (CTA) button within a Targeted Message, the URL for that button would replace the page they were currently on. We received feedback that this could sometimes be disruptive to the booking journey if a customer hadn’t yet finished looking at the previous page - so we set about fixing that issue! Clicking on a CTA button can now open up the relevant link in an entirely new tab. That means no more unexpected interruptions to customer’s booking flow as they can access both the new page and the page they were originally on.

Screen grab of the Triptease Message Builder showing the option to switch 'Button action' to 'Remain on same page' or 'Be directed to a new page'

5. More fonts added to the Message Builder

Number of votes: 11

Seemingly small but vital for helping hoteliers keep their messaging on-brand, we had a request to add a wider range of fonts to the Message Builder. This ensured that all hotels can create messages that work with their existing website brand and design.

Screen shot of the Triptease Message Builder highlighting the font selection dropdown menu

The smaller - but no less impactful - updates you requested

Clients have helped us build all kinds of updates - from huge new product launches right down to the tiny incremental changes that help to make their day-to-day working lives that little bit easier. This year you also helped us ensure that Triptease clients could:

They might not sound like much, but we’ll always keep working on the little things that help hoteliers do their best work faster. So - what’s next? We’re already making exciting plans for the Triptease Platform in 2020. If there’s something you’d love to see added to the product this year, make sure you’ve had your say over on our Feature Request board. We hope we’ve made it clear that your suggestions really do impact what our team will work on next.

About The Author

Holly is a Lead Product Marketing Manager at Triptease.

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