[INFOGRAPHIC] Hotels and influencer marketing

This is a guest post by The Europe. We’ve seen the proliferation of influencer marketing throughout the broader marketing niche in recent years. Basically, “influencer marketing” is a marketing activity whereby brands including hotels leverage the social media following of various individuals who are deemed to have influence due... read more »

Are you ready for #BookDirect day?

On February 7th 2018, hoteliers and vacation rental owners alike are coming together to mark the inaugural #BookDirect day - in style. What is #BookDirect day? Facing the same uphill struggle against rising online travel agent (OTA) commission fees, hoteliers and vacation rental companies (who are often pitted against each... read more »

Three things we learned at FITUR in Madrid

Madrid’s annual International Tourism Trade Fair has certainly kicked 2018 off to a strong start. This year, FITUR hosted an eye-watering 251,000 participants, with everyone from ourselves to the King and Queen of Spain in attendance - and with all that industry know-how floating around, we couldn’t... read more »