It's never a dull week at Triptease! In London the phones have been ringing non-stop, our growing tech team have had their heads down delivering Price Check to more clients and our Chief Tease, Charlie, has flown across the pond to attend very important meetings with co-founder Alex. Safe to say Slack has been very busy.

Before we head off to enjoy some Friday afternoon sunshine we took a scout around the web to find the three articles that summarise what we're seeing in the hotel world right now:

TripAdvisor is the only travel app that works

New findings from AppOptix, TripAdvisor is bucking the trend of low mobile app engagement with an installed base in excess of 10%. What's interesting is that TripAdvisor users tend to have associated travel apps in their smartphone armoury. Does that mean focussing even more attention on the review site?

Orbitz and Expedia deal is under further scrutiny

On Wednesday it was announced that Orbitz Worldwide and Expedia have been asked by the Justice Department for more information about their $1.3bn acquisition. The deal must receive approval to ensure the market stays competitive.

The global hotel economy is booming

The expanding middle class, strong growth in global tourism and under-penetration in high growth markets are three reasons why Hilton knows its global expansion opportunities are enormous. It's just one of the reasons we all get excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.