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A Zoom with a View: How hoteliers are responding to COVID-19

We're speaking to hoteliers across the world to hear about their response to COVID-19 and the tangible steps they’re putting in place for the future.

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As the world adjusts to life under lockdown, hoteliers are beginning to adapt to their own ‘new normal’. While many are still in damage limitation mode, we’re also seeing increasing numbers of hotels take their first cautious steps towards future planning and recovery.

And whether it’s by offering cheap day rates to remote office workers or converting hotels into hospital wards for lower-risk patients, there are those properties taking bolder steps still to keep themselves open and generate revenue despite the lockdown.

But these are lonely times. In circumstances in which close communication and productive collaboration matter more than ever, we’re separated from our colleagues, forced to work with limited information, and under the pressure of knowing the stakes have never been higher.

Bringing hoteliers together is something we’ve always done best. And while the Direct Booking Summit won’t be opening its doors for another few months, we still want to do what we can to give a platform to those hoteliers wanting to share and learn from each other. So whether you want to weigh up the benefits of wholesale or OTA for filling your rooms on reopening, or whether you just need to know which costs to cut in order to keep the lights on, we’re going to do our best to get hoteliers talking.

We’ve kicked things off with a video series we’re affectionately referring to as ‘A Zoom with a View’, which you can keep up with on our LinkedIn or here on the Content Hub. Our founder Charlie is video-calling hoteliers across the world to hear not only about their response to covid-19, but also about the tangible steps they’re putting in place for the future.

If there’s a hotelier you want to hear more from - or better yet, if you have your own recovery plan you’d like to share - let us know at content@triptease.com and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

And finally - tell us what you want to hear from us during this time. Is it a dedicated forum for sharing covid-19 questions and advice? Or more data and analysis to help you plan for your recovery? Keep your suggestions coming to content@triptease.com.

Catch up with the series so far...

Sunish Sadasivan | VP Ecommerce & Revenue Management | Chroma Hospitality

Watch for:

  • Wholesaler management
  • Rebuilding guest confidence
  • Third-party distribution tips

Adrienne Hanna | Founder & CEO | Right Revenue

Watch for:

  • Rate strategy
  • OTA management
  • The role of historical data in your response to the crisis

Claudia Del Greco | Digital Marketing Director | Denihan

Watch for:

  • How to take a phased approach to driving demand
  • Loyalty & guest segmentation
  • New York City hotels

Inderpreet Banga | COO | Epic Revenue Consultants

Watch for:

  • How to differentiate your direct channel
  • Assessing the incrementality of distribution channels
  • How COVID impacts branded vs independent properties

Dr Jan Sammeck | Director of Ecommerce | Deutsche Hospitality

Watch for:

  • An analytical approach to future planning
  • Assessing your cost-of-sale and where to allocate budget
  • What makes a great hotelier!

David-Friedemann Henning | CEO | Hotel Big Mama

Watch for:

  • How a startup mentality drives success
  • A unique approach to room types and segmentation
  • Maintaining occupancy during a crisis

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