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[WATCH] Why acquisition and conversion tools work better together

Watch Triptease’s CCO, Alexandra Zubko and CPO, Alasdair Snow discuss how to capitalize on Google's new Travel platform to increase your direct bookings.

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[WATCH] Why acquisition and conversion tools work better together

Google's launch of a full destination search site complete with a range of new hotel filtering features means there's never been a better time to focus on your hotel's traffic acquisition and direct booking strategy.

Watch Triptease's Chief Customer Officer, Alexandra Zubko, in conversation with Chief Product Officer, Alasdair Snow, and Meta Product Manager, Scott Stirling, as they discuss how Triptease's acquisition and conversion tools work across the whole booking journey - all the way from search to your booking engine - to keep your hotel in the running for potential guests.

(NB. This is an edited recording of a Triptease Product Webinar from April 2019. Any statistics referred to may have since changed. Any hotels and/or hotel data mentioned in this video is for illustrative purposes only.)

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08:03 - Triptease data assets
12:42 - What is metasearch and why is it important?
14:03 - Why does metasearch matter?
18:18 - How to succeed in a Meta auction
23:57 - The difference between the CPC model and the CPA model
26:02 - Minimum spend recommendations
28:04 - The key metrics to track in metasearch
32:10 - What’s happening with Google Hotel Ads?
35:55 - What do Google’s changes mean for hotels?

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Holly is a Lead Product Marketing Manager at Triptease.

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