Alcron Hotel is a five-star hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, which has recently become independent after being part of an international hotel chain for nearly 20 years. During this transitional period, the hotel has partnered with Triptease to help build their own brand, as well as to distinguish their online presence.

We spoke to Marek Černický, the hotel's Revenue Manager, about how Alcron Hotel has used the Live Chat and Targeted Messaging features within the Triptease Platform to understand, communicate and engage with their guests.

Triptease: How did you find out about Triptease?

Marek Černický: We became independent in January 2019, which required a complete brand overhaul for the hotel alongside the development of a new website. We looked at other luxury hotel websites for website optimisation inspiration and saw many of them using Triptease’s chat product. It really stood out. Within three months of becoming independent, we had integrated the full Triptease Platform into our website.

Triptease: How did partnering with Triptease help tackle the main issues you faced by becoming independent?

Marek Černický: After being part of a big hotel chain for so many years, we needed to completely rebuild our own brand, and were looking for a partner who could help us establish our new online identity as an independent hotel. Our relationship with OTAs is strong and they give us visibility, but we are very keen on maintaining a strong direct online presence and Triptease is helping us achieve this. Thanks to the Triptease Platform, we now have a good balance.

With the help of Triptease’s Direct Booking Coaches, who have been fantastic in guiding us through the journey of how to communicate with our guests online, we are now achieving our goals. They are industry experts and really know what adjustments to make to a website in order to generate more direct bookings coming.

Triptease truly acts as a support for us on our new adventure as an independent hotel.

Targeted Messaging has helped Alcron Hotel convert searchers through personalized discounts and offers.

Triptease: What's your favorite feature on the Triptease Platform?

Marek Černický: I'm so pleased with the Live Chat tool! During the day, our reservation agents are always logged in and communicating with potential guests. We receive a lot of requests and the chat helps us to understand our guests’ needs. Triptease’s Targeted Messages are also one of our favorite tools, as we can create cross-functional campaigns to benefit both the hotel and our restaurants.

Triptease: Since adopting Triptease, have you seen an impact on your hotel’s performance?

Marek Černický: The Targeted Messaging we created alongside the advice given by our dedicated Direct Booking coach has directly led to more bookings. Our guests are asking more questions, which is giving them greater confidence in our service and driving even more conversions.