Part 2 of What's in a widget?

(Missed part 1? - check out the need for speed)

A speedy widget is great for conversions, but today we're taking a peep at a slightly trickier beast to tame: accuracy.

Best Rate Guarantee

There they are. The three most over-used words in hospitality. While they've proven their worth across many industries, and do indeed have a reassuring je ne sais quoi, not all best rate guarantees are what they say on the tin. And more importantly: your guests know it.

At Triptease HQ, we love to hit the local coffee shops. Why? They're brimming with potential testers, just itching to see how Price Check works. (Well, that and an unhealthy coffee habit.)

Our user testing has taught us many things, has shaped the design and content of our widgets - and teaches us to keep looking again with fresh eyes. One of the questions we love to ask when participants notice first notice a message is 'what now?'.

4 in 5 users who haven't seen Price Check before would go and check the OTA prices to see if they're correct.

Get it right and you're set up for a long and happy trust relationship with your guest. Get it wrong and all your efforts at transparency seem nothing more than a pretence.

This taught us that price comparison isn't simply about the quick-win. Your guests are neither lazy nor stupid. They deserve to see an accurate comparison to make an informed decision. (Don't worry, we'll help you make sure your prices really are best too - read more...) 

The Secret Sauce

We designed Price Check to look simple on the surface. It is anything but simple underneath. We’ve invested a small fortune (and an inordinate amount of time) to make sure the prices displayed on the widget are accurate at all times. Your guests will see the correct prices whether they are searching for multi-night stays or rooms with children added. We’ll get it right whether they are working in a foreign currency or from a region where the local-OTA offers a blended, cached or tax-exclusive rate.

We call this our secret sauce. Delivering the right price every time comes with major challenges - and these challenges only increase at scale. Triptease is trusted by the top brands in the industry because we deliver one thing above all – accurate prices.


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