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Competition time: Tell us why you love guests who #BookDirect!

Today, hospitality professionals far and wide are telling the world why they love guests who #BookDirect. Make sure you're right there with them!

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Competition time: Tell us why you love guests who #BookDirect!

It's #BookDirect day!

Last week, we asked you if you were ready for #BookDirect day - now it's time to spread the word! In case you missed it, #BookDirect day is an awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of booking direct to guests of both hotels and vacation rentals. Today, hospitality professionals far and wide are getting in touch with their guests to encourage them to tell the world why they love to #BookDirect. Make sure you're right there with them!

We've put together a pack of digital assets for use in your emails and social media, and we'll be keeping an eye out for the most inventive offers on hotel websites. Indeed, what better time to offer a promo rate for your direct bookers? Check out our full list of tips for #BookDirect day here.

WIN: Two tickets to the Direct Booking Summit

It wouldn't be fair to let guests have all the fun. Triptease's Direct Booking Summit thrives on the kind of enthusiasm and passion that #BookDirect day is all about - so we thought it only fitting to reward the most original hotelier with two complimentary all-inclusive passes to the event of their choosing.

All you have to do to enter:

1. Send a tweet from your hotel's Twitter page with the message "I love guests who #BookDirect because..."

2. Tag us (@triptease) in the tweet

That's it!

We'll choose the hotelier with the most original message as the winner. We'll announce the winner next Wednesday 14th, but we'll be retweeting as many entries as we can in the meantime - so stay tuned to our Twitter feed for inspiration!

New to the Direct Booking Summit? Here's the lowdown on the event:

  • The Direct Booking Summit series is the largest event series dedicated to direct bookings. It’s a place for hoteliers to network, strategize and come together, whether they’re from the smallest independent or the biggest hotel chain in the world.

  • Last year, we hosted over 400 hoteliers in New York and Barcelona at our two-day events (plus legendary after-party).

  • Our 2018/19 events are taking place in Amsterdam, Dallas and Singapore.

Why #BookDirect day matters

When it comes to online hotel bookings, as it stands the scales are overwhelmingly tipped in the favour of heavyweight companies who hold sway over an entire marketplace. That's not good for hotels, for guests - for anybody. Guests aren't given the choice or the experience they deserve when booking their stay. One hotel on its own cannot hope to be equally visible online to a guest as, say, Booking.com. But thousands of hotels together? They might just be able to get their voices heard.

The Direct Booking Movement isn't a war between 'good and bad' or 'us and them'. It's a collective effort to level the playing field a little. We can't wait to hear what you've got to say!

Competition terms and conditions available here.

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