Suffering from Zoom fatigue? Us too. From pub quizzes to pictionary, it feels like we've all become beholden to the small screen over the last six months.

So when it came to finding a socially-distanced alternative to our Direct Booking Summit series, we were torn. We knew hoteliers wouldn't want (or need) yet another vendor-heavy, substance-light webinar - but we also know that a forum for hoteliers to come together and share their challenges has never been more timely. So we set out to create something different.

Introducing the Direct Booking Masterclass. Yes, it may be virtual, but this is no ordinary webinar. You'll need your webcam and your game face on for this in-depth, interactive, hotelier-led workshop series that's designed to set you up for success in 2021.

We're bringing you three workshops, each two hours long, over one week. And believe us when we tell you that the magic of these workshops is in the 'work' part: you'll be set challenges, tasks and collaborative exercises to work through with your fellow hoteliers so you're ready to put your learnings straight into action. What's more, you can rest assured that there won't be an irrelevant sales pitch in sight.

Interested? We hope so. Keep reading to see who you'll be learning from and what to expect from their sessions. See you at the Masterclass.

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Get your questions answered by the experts.

Anyone who joined us at previous Direct Booking Summits in Dallas, Paris or Amsterdam knows the value of 45 minutes with Joe Pettigrew or Calvin Anderson. If you don't know where to start with your revenue, marketing or distribution strategy for next year, this is who you want to listen to. Joe - SVP Commercial Strategy at YOTEL - and Calvin - CCO at Domio, formerly of OYO, Red Lion and Hilton to name a few - will each be hosting an open forum where you can have your burning strategy questions answered (Joe at our European event, and Calvin for North America).

Not sure what data you can trust in such a volatile market? Don't know what channels to prioritize for boosting occupancy? Daunted by the prospect of marketing your product to new audiences? Let the experts help. Check out the clips below to hear more from Joe and Calvin and get a sense of what you can expect from their sessions.

Hear from the hotels with success stories to tell.

This year almost every hotelier has had to adapt their offering to a new audience in one way or another. Whether it's refocusing on the domestic market, covering the shortfall caused by business travel, or pivoting your product to long-stay guests, chances are you're facing a similar challenge. At the Masterclass, you'll hear from brands like Real Hospitality Group, The Set Hotels and Lotte New York Palace - alongside independent properties such as Switzerland's Hotel Belvedere - on the steps they've taken to maximize their occupancy and revenue during this uncertain period.

The Set's Brian Gore, who will be leading a session on local marketing, emphasizes the importance of taking a step back to see the bigger picture. "In a year characterized by short-term, highly reactive thinking, the Masterclass is a really exciting opportunity to take time out and look to the long term. It's time for all of us as hoteliers to assess the initiatives and strategies that have worked for us this year and decide which of them we'll be taking forward for our recovery in 2021."

"This is a vital time for hoteliers to assess - and potentially change - their outlook on the crisis," adds RHG's Roy Madhok. "It's a time to rethink your practices, be more efficient and re-educate guests about the benefits of booking direct."

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Level up your data analysis and future-proof your strategy.

The pandemic has left many hoteliers seeking a more robust understanding of the data available to make decisions in uncertain times. So be prepared to get your brains in gear for our in-depth sessions on Google Analytics and data analysis where we'll take your skills to the next level. We're delighted to be joined by one of our highest-rated speakers from previous Direct Booking Summits, Barbara Pezzi, whose 'Pimp your Google Analytics' session in Amsterdam introduced hoteliers to a whole new realm of data possibilities.

"The Direct Booking Summit has always been a firm favorite of mine," Barbara shares. "It's unique in how well it fosters sharing amongst the hotelier community. I think we've all missed events like these this year, and I can't wait to get everyone's brain working overtime in this workshop."

Masterclass attendees will also learn from and collaborate with the experts behind Triptease's Meta and Retargeting products in sessions on data reporting and advertising strategy. You'll get to grips with key market trends and learn how to make data-backed decisions about crucial marketing investments.

Join us at the Masterclass.

"Now might not feel like the right time to attend an event like this," acknowledges our Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond. "Budgets are tight and time is stretched."

"But the reason we decided to host this series is that we genuinely believe there's no use in taking the time to learn after the window for decision-making has passed. You can continue with the approach you took last week and the week before to try to bring your performance back to pre-COVID levels - or you can commit six hours of your schedule to upskilling, networking, and investing in your professional development. In return for you trusting us with those six hours, we promise to deliver valuable content that will genuinely make a difference to your 2021 performance."

David-Friedemann Henning of BIG MAMA sums it up perfectly: "Large-scale live events are impossible right now, but it's more important than ever to exchange ideas and learn from each other. We have to find new ways to connect. It's just the logical decision to join the Masterclass: it's a chance to collaborate with and learn from other decision-makers, which is the best way we have to come up with the ideas that will benefit us all."

Convinced? You can read the agenda in full here or book your spot today using the button below.

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