We're getting ever closer to the Direct Booking Summit: Europe on June 27-28. If you haven't secured your tickets yet, you'd better hurry! Head over to the website to check out the agenda and register.

We've been profiling some of our best-in-class speakers in the run up to the event on June 27-28. So far we've heard from (among others!) Airbnb's Robin Clifford, The Curtain's Sam Riches, and GuestScores's Rob Fleischer about how they're feeling ahead of the summit. Today, we're speaking with Geoff Andrew, CEO of WorldHotels, who will be opening the conference with a presentation on the Brand of one: How can an independent hotel compete against large chains?

Geoff Andrew Direct Booking Summit

Geoff Andrew, CEO


TRIPTEASE: How are you feeling about speaking at the Direct Booking Summit 2018?

Geoff: I'm really looking forward to the event. The aim of the summit is perfectly aligned with our goals as an organization: 'empowering true independence'.

TRIPTEASE: What can attendees expect to learn from your talk?

Geoff: The challenge for any independent operator is how to stand out from the crowd. I hope my presentation will make hoteliers think more carefully about how to understand their own DNA and be able to turn that into a compelling story through excellent service delivery from engaged employees.

TRIPTEASE: What are your thoughts on the Direct Booking Movement?

Geoff: The hotel industry is leaking revenue like an old boat. We need to collectively find better ways to take control of our businesses and improve results for hotel owners and operators. Third parties are great partners, but just like cheesecake, you can have too much of a good thing.

TRIPTEASE: What are WorldHotels' main goals and challenges in 2018?

Geoff: Our goal is to develop services that will continue to support our members' quest to stay independent, whether that's through our new loyalty programme, our e-commerce team or the day-to-day business of selling and marketing on a global scale. We want independents to thrive not just survive.

In terms of challenges - global travellers have never been more interested in what independent hotels have to offer. That's great news, apart from the fact that it means more and more parties want part of the action - OTAs, other online giants or just the big hotel chains and their own so-called 'independent' soft brands. We have to make sure the voice of authenticity is heard above the noise.

TRIPTEASE: Which other speakers are you most looking forward to hearing from at the Direct Booking Summit: Europe?

Geoff: I have no pre-conceptions... I will always find at least one pearl of wisdom in a presentation when listening to a colleague from a different area of the industry, or from an outside expert.

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