Think about your last holiday. How many websites or apps did you visit? Did you buy any books? How many emails, messages or texts did you send to friends and family to get some insider info?

All of this planning is fun for some but not all. For some, spending hours trawling sites, opening endless tabs and reading review upon review leads to one thing: travel booking angst.

Travel booking angst: the anxiety felt when trying to book a holiday. It’s something that’s important to us at Triptease. In fact, the business started when co-founder Charlie Osmond became frustrated with the process of booking a family holiday. There has to be an easier way, he thought. And so here we are: in a fight to cut travel booking angst.

It makes sense why travel angst happens. According to an Expedia Media Solutions study, the average tourist “made 38 visits to travel sites before purchasing the vacation package.” Booking a holiday or business trip usually involves securing a mode of transport to and from the destination, a hotel, and transport whilst at the destination. Plus researching places to go, eat, drink, and other local amenities. In the UK, recreation (including holidays) is the second highest household expenditure in a year so there’s a lot at stake to get right.

We’ve all been there. Bouncing around the internet going from site to site trying to make decisions for you – and if you’re not in the new wave of solo travellers – others who will be accompanying you. With so many people and factors to juggle, travel booking angst can reach unbearable heights when trying to answer questions such as:

·      Have you chosen the right destination?

·      Can you get to the airport easily?

·      Have you chosen the right hotel?

·      Have you got the best deal?

While we can’t solve all of them (just yet!) we are working to cut travel booking angst one step at a time. For example, our Price Check widget makes sure you get the right deal by showing you live prices across the web when you’re on a hotel website. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best deal by going direct. And, in our experience, you’ll also get a better service through a better relationship with the hotelier.

As for the other contributors…we’re working on them one at a time! We’d love to hear from you - do you suffer from travel booking angst? Share your stories in the comments.