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Go West(in)! - Personalisation at Westin

Westin Hotels weaves health and wellness into every aspect of the guest experience. Find out how they're making a big difference.

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Westin’s ideology revolves around the idea of being “For a better you”. Launched in 2011, this campaign has propelled Westin's brand into being seriously dedicated to making you feel great.

With over 200 hotels in 40 countries, Westin hotels is proud of its entrepreneurial spirit that drives new ideas across the industry. Westin weaves health into every aspect of your stay, but their partnership with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series, encapsulates Westin’s main appeal. Running.

So what are they doing?

Westin encourages your workout by providing its Gear Lending service - New Balance clothing and sneakers within 15 minutes of your request for only $5 (and you get to keep the socks!) Even more excitingly, Westin hired a Run Concierge in 2014 whose job it is to run all of Westin’s routes and blog about it - you can even spend time with him warming up and going for a shakedown-run after Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons. Chris Heuisler heads up Westin’s team of over 160 local Run Concierges who volunteer their time to lead runs from a whole range of Westin properties, integrating the local community into the Westin experience.

For the health conscious guest, all of these little additions to Westin’s service are making a big difference. Guests feel immersed in the location they are visiting whilst also being able to work on their regular fitness regime, plus Westin's latest partnership with Headspace taps into the growing trend for mindfulness and health. Guests can even tailor their SuperFoodFXTM Westin meals to their goals, be it a restful night’s sleep, or a breakfast with get up and go! Westin has gone the extra mile to make sure that they have their guests’ fitness and health at the heart of every part of their experience. From rooms with a running machine, to workout tutorials online, Westin has cornered the market on fitness aware and health conscious guests.

Westin's For a better you checklist:

Sleep Well: The Westin® Sleep Well Menu and Heavenly® Bed  help you to wake up refreshed.

Eat Well: Westin's SuperFoodsRXTM are designed to keep you energised and focused

Move Well: Westin's world class fitness studios, Gear Lending service and local running maps allow you to maximise your workout routine.

Feel Well: Westin's Heavenly® bath and spas, along with their sensory welcome help you to unwind.

Work Well: Flexible, thoughtfully designed workspaces keep your deskspace and headspace clutter-free.

Play Well: extended breakfast hours and late check-out makes the most of every stay.

Notice how Westin makes simple concepts like late check-out feel part of the bigger picture.

Could you do it too?

Westin's example is one that has been worked upon over many years to create for such unique personalisation, but that doesn't mean that you can't steal a little bit of the Westin magic. Think about what it is that sets your hotel apart; who are your guests and what do they need to perfect their stay? Be it a late check-in and welcome for business guests, or a little bit of extra space on a family holiday; hotels are all about creating that home-away-from-home feeling and providing just a little lift in your guests' day could get them coming back time after time.

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