Do you know what potential guests are searching for?

Are you out-converting the competition - or are you falling behind? Are you turning lookers into bookers - or letting potential guests slip through the net?

We've taken a look at user search trends across the thousands of hotel websites that we track every day and condensed the data down into a two-minute video. Though the concept is simple, having an understanding of how, when and where users are searching and booking is vital if you're trying to improve your website's performance. Knowing how you measure up to your peers is the first step to setting achievable goals and measuring real success.

Do you know:

  • How many of your visitors are on their mobile?

  • How many are looking to bring their kids?

  • How often they are seeing cheaper rates on an OTA?

If visitors to your hotel website were 100 people... what would they be doing?

The data behind this video was collected from millions of searches over the period of November 2017 to January 2018. We work with thousands of hotels of every size and type, from small city boutiques to the biggest brands in the world.

Interested in a more bespoke benchmark? With the Triptease Platform, you have access to the learnings from 17,000 hotels' worth of data. Our team of Direct Booking Experts are on hand to pinpoint with ease your areas for improvement, while instant access to your performance data means you can track your success in real time. Take control of your parity, perfect your guest engagement and watch those direct bookings soar.

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