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Introducing the Triptease Hotel Heroes

We’re bringing together a brand new panel of experts from across the hotel industry with the aim of educating and creating conversation amongst hoteliers.

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With the travel rebound showing no signs of slowing, even in the face of a potential recession and ongoing staff shortages, it’s clear that the hospitality industry will continue to face big challenges and opportunities for some time to come.

This is why we are excited to announce the return of the Triptease Hotel Heroes. After initially launching in 2019, we’re bringing together a brand new panel of experts from across the hotel industry with the aim of empowering, educating and creating conversation amongst hoteliers around the world.

At Triptease we build industry-leading direct booking technology, but we know that it’s our hotel partners who have the real, working knowledge of what it takes to build a successful direct booking strategy. The Hotel Heroes panel provides a platform for our expert partners to disseminate the knowledge that so often goes unshared between different regions, hotel types, and even departments within the same hotel. That means the hotel industry as a whole is strengthened and better prepared for the future.

The Hotel Heroes also come together to push the industry forward and sometimes even call for radical change in how hoteliers approach their distribution, their marketing, or their organisational structure. By sharing real-life experience alongside practical, implementable advice, the Heroes facilitate important change in those groups and independents that are struggling to achieve their direct booking goals.


Our heroes include industry-leading experts from Carousel Inn on the Beach, Starwood Capital Group, H-Hotels, Safestay and more.

Who is involved ?

  • Alex Cass, General Manager, Carousel Inn on the Beach
  • Derek Brewster, Director of Revenue Management, Lotte New York Palace
  • Maury Lundahl, Vice President, Marketing and E-Commerce, Extended Stay America
  • Chris Peppers, Director E-Commerce, H-Hotels
  • Joe Pettigrew, Chief Commercial Officer and Hotel Asset Management, Starwood Capital Group
  • Robert Speirs, Marketing Manager, Cheval Collection
  • Yogesh Ram, Director of Marketing, Safestay

You can find out more about the Heroes on our Meet the Heroes page

Our Hotel Heroes will be focussing on a range of topics that are key to succeeding in the hotel industry. These include customer experience, affiliate marketing, revenue generation tools and techniques, post-covid and future trends, loyalty schemes, customer data and CDMPs, media attribution, privacy and cookies and many many more.

Do you have a question for the Hotel Heroes ?

The Hotel Heroes are here to answer your questions! Struggling with a distribution issue and don’t know who to ask? Looking to improve customer experience but not sure where to start? Curious about how to collect the right customer data? Head over to the Hotel Heroes page and submit your question to the panel today.

In the meantime, read our interview with Chris Peppers talking about the impact of parity on a hotel’s metasearch performance here. And keep an eye out for more Hotel Heroes content coming your way soon, including a guide to wholesalers featuring insights from Derek Brewster and an insightful interview with Alex Cass on the value of guest reviews.

Meet the Hotel Heroes at the Direct Booking Summit New Orleans

Some of our heroes will be attending our upcoming Direct Booking Summit in New Orleans starting on the 25th of October, you can book your tickets for the event here. If you’re not able to join, keep an eye on the Triptease content hub where you’ll find all the recordings, insights and learnings from the event.

Coming soon: The APAC Hotel Heroes

Now you’ve met our Hotel Heroes panel for Europe and the Americas, but we’re still recruiting our team of experts in the Asia Pacific region. With our upcoming Direct Booking Summit in Bangkok on the 14th and 15th of March 2023, we are looking at broadening our panel with some amazing hoteliers from the APAC region too. Interested in joining the Hotel Heroes team? Get in touch at info@triptease.com

Find out more

Interview with Chris Peppers

Meet the Heroes page

Hotel Heroes content hub


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