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Don't miss out on the direct booking spike - download the January sales guide

Learn from top performing Sales Season offers and messages to make sure your hotel's January Sales Season drives maximum direct bookings and revenue.

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Black Friday sales hit record highs in 2022, with online sales up 2.3% compared to 2021. But Black Friday is just the start of sales season. January gives hoteliers another chance to create a serious spike in room bookings.

That said, the January Sales season has already begun, Triptease search data has already seen a 26% increase in searches for hotels from Boxing Day. If you're not promoting special offers on your digital marketing channels now, you might be about to miss the first big opportunity to maximise hotel revenue this year.

Luckily, Triptease Targeted Messages is used by thousands of hoteliers so we have a huge dataset to analyse, helping us identify what goes into a high converting message.

In our Hoteliers seasonal sales guide our data analysts have poured over all the messages set live during a peak sales season over the last few years and pulled out what goes into a top converting message.

What can you expect in your January Sales Guide?

  • The key messages for thissales season
  • Build messages that convert
  • The best call-to-actions for conversions
  • Use urgency across your campaigns to increase bookings
  • Reduce your cart abandonment
  • Use multiple message types to boost conversions


What if I don’t use Targeted Messaged?

Don't worry! This advice can be applied using which ever website personalization tool you use - so you'll still be able to action them immediately and a lot of the learnings can be applied across all channels including email to create a joined up approach. If you don't currently have a tool in place and would like to learn more about how Targeted Messages can help hoteliers increase their direct bookings please contact us here.

Download the guide below and get ahead of your competition by learning the tips and tricks of best performing sales messages.


About The Author

Holly is Head of Product Marketing at Triptease.

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