This is a guest post from Michael Zayas, Corporate Director Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Triptease client Real Hospitality Group. Interested in contributing to the Triptease blog? Get in touch with your Direct Booking Coach or email us as

The term 'less is more' makes a lot of sense when applied to the principles of digital marketing. There’s something to be said for simplicity: Steve Jobs noted in the first marketing brochure for Apple, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Catering to a customer's love of options doesn't mean that hoteliers have to overdo it on offerings. Now more than ever is the time to Keep Your Digital Simple - or in short, #KYDS!

Multiple campaigns, digital agencies, and competing offers can lead to consumer confusion, inconsistent expectations and overlapping attribution and reporting. It just takes three easy steps to Keep Your Digital Simple and give your customer what they need to make their purchase.

  1. Cut through the clutter. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Don’t inundate the consumer with multiple offers for the same product, as this can lead to 'analysis paralysis'. Sometimes one compelling offer they can trust is all a guest needs to make their decision.

  2. Master your merchandising. Take ownership of your content through the entire booking process, not just at the first point of customer entry on a website or app. Use every space in the booking engine to showcase your product & value proposition in as few clicks or taps as possible. Don’t leave it up to operations or revenue teams to write marketing copy, supply images, etc., as this is not their area of expertise.

  3. Engage authentically. Use technology to tell your unique story, build local & relevant content, and to share meaningful information to your targeted consumers. With the onset of mobile technology, consumers are laser-focused on their needs and the authenticity of marketing communication.

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