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Hoteliers can now automatically send pre-booking guest data to Mailchimp

We are excited to announce that Triptease is now fully integrated with one of the world’s biggest CRM providers - Mailchimp. The integration boasts two powerful features: automatically syncing guest emails between the two platforms and giving hotel marketers valuable pre-stay customer data.

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We are excited to announce that Triptease is now fully integrated with one of the world’s biggest CRM providers - Mailchimp. This integration allows hoteliers to do not one, but two impactful things: automatically sync emails between the two platforms and also capture valuable pre-booking customer data for use in their CRM email campaigns.

Triptease hotel clients already have the ability to collect thousands of GDPR-compliant email addresses, using Email Capture functionality on their On-site Messages. But without automation, collecting email addresses and manually uploading lists into your CRM is timely and prevents you from focussing on other - more impactful - work.

Send emails straight to your CRM automatically

In a recent Triptease customer survey, respondents were asked about the major challenges they faced relating to customer data collection. Answers such as "time taken to manually input data", "cost, time, and skills" and "not having enough staff to manage this" revealed that most hoteliers are not able to collect pre-stay customer data strategically, even though they understand the potential benefits it can bring.

Without the integration, hoteliers would have to manually download and upload email lists back into Mailchimp, which is not the most convenient way of working especially since hoteliers are already understaffed.

The Triptease and Mailchimp integration eliminates the need for manual downloading and uploading of email lists, saving hoteliers hours of time.

Introducing Triptease Audience Sharing

Gathering information such as name, email, and zip code is essential to create a fuller profile of your prospective guests. However, to provide truly personalized and effective marketing, hoteliers need additional data that gives them a better understanding of their customers' needs and desires.

Automatically send emails enriched with pre-booking customer data to Mailchimp

CRMs typically give hotel marketers post-booking guest data, which is great for strengthening and maintaining customer loyalty. But what about potential guests? Analyzing and understanding customers who haven't stayed with you yet opens up a new opportunity to enhance the customer experience and drive even more revenue. However, getting this data and using it effectively is challenging, so pre-booking guests remain an unsolved mystery.

Triptease Audience Sharing collects hard-to-access data on pre-booking customers and segments it into usable audience lists. These lists are sent directly to your Mailchimp CRM, allowing you to send targeted emails to groups like families, last-minute bookers, or people looking to stay on a specific date e.g. Chinese New Year.

What does this mean for you? You’ve just doubled the value of your CRM! Now you can send the same kind of personalized, impactful emails to pre-booking customers that you’re already providing for people who’ve stayed at your hotel. That’s a whole new audience receiving a premium personalized service from your marketing team and booking direct as a result.

Find out exactly what the Triptease Data Marketing Platform’s Audience Sharing functionality could do for your hotel’s marketing strategy and revenue. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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