Millennials will book direct. Here's why:

Savvy, ambitious and loyal, the millennial traveller can spot a great deal across the ether - but what exactly can you do to catch their eye?

The infographic reveals...
• 85% check multiple travel sites for the best deal
• Almost half are willing to exchange personal information for relevant offers
• Over 50% have joined a loyalty scheme because it was easy to sign up
• Over 1/3 stay with the loyalty scheme that gave them the best added value

Looking for a booking?

Millennials are not quite so fickle as they seem. Yes, they'll check your price across the web, but if your Price Check is accurate, you have nothing to fear. In fact, proof your transparency will be positively received. Next you'll want to soak up all that juicy data by offering what they crave: the best deal. Finally, don't forget to get them signed up to your loyalty scheme - but beware, if you want to keep them, make sure it's a winner.

Millennal Travel Trends
Many thanks to the Dunloe Hotel, Ireland for their research and vision.

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