The Triptease onboarding programme

At Triptease, we're not ones for resting on our laurels. Whether it's our Direct Booking Platform, our events, our research, or how we communicate with hoteliers, we're always looking for ways to do things just a little bit better.

One big way we're doing things better is with our onboarding programme for hoteliers, helping them to make the most of our powerful Direct Booking Platform. When a property signs up for the Platform, the dedicated onboarding team at Triptease guide those hoteliers through an in-depth training programme with ample opportunity for troubleshooting and feedback. The Triptease onboarders get to know the team at the hotel, allowing them to set mutual goals and ensure that the Platform is optimised for each property's unique way of doing things.

We know that we're not just providing a product to the hotels who work with us. We're introducing a whole new way of working to make hoteliers' lives easier - and we see the greatest results when we tailor that way of working to each individual hotel.

Clear process, shared goals

We recently spoke to the team at the Metropole, International and Airport Hotels in Cork, Ireland. This group had been pushing hard for direct bookings for around twelve months before they partnered with us at Triptease - and, having been trained up by Cora, one of our dedicated onboarders, the partnership is paying serious dividends.

"We were very impressed by the onboarding programme," Digital Marketing Manager Declan Clancy told us. "It was very defined in terms of what we were going to cover and what we were going to learn. I knew what to expect for each call, and Cora was really diligent about following up on my questions with examples, case studies and benchmarking data.

"The benchmarking part is really crucial - it's so important for us to know where we stand. For example, we thought we were performing better than we were with regards to parity. It was definitely a bit of an eye-opener when Cora told us that our disparity rate was higher than she would expect to see. However, she gave us lots of suggestions for how to improve, and our disparity rate for one hotel is now down to one percent. We wouldn't have been able to do that without the Triptease Platform.

"We're confident that we're already improving our performance with Triptease, and I believe the Platform will continue to pay increasing dividends."

Good onboarding = great results

Halfway across the world, Newmark Hotels, Reserves & Lodges - a collection of luxury properties in southern Africa - are also super-powering their direct bookings thanks to the Triptease onboarding scheme. The training they received from onboarder Emilia has helped Newmark to power a 12% uplift in conversion rate in just 30 days with the Direct Booking Platform. Here's Group Revenue Manager, Darrel Allan:

"The weekly calls fit perfectly into our busy schedules. The onboarding team were outstanding in their professionalism, and delivered clear and concise training with ample opportunity for feedback on the product.

"The Triptease team have been brilliant from the first day we were introduced until our final onboarding call."

You can read more about Newmark's story here.

We love chatting to new hotels about their goals, whether they be to do with parity management, guest engagement, or just improving overall website performance. If you're interested in finding out about the onboarding programme or the Triptease Platform more generally, drop us a line today!

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