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Driving direct bookings across a portfolio of websites with Triptease

PREM Group partnered with Triptease to achieve a single goal: drive more direct business. The Direct Booking Platform has proven a perfect fit.

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Driving direct bookings across a portfolio of websites with Triptease

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PREM Group partnered with Triptease to achieve a single goal: drive more direct business. The international hotel and hospitality group has a presence across Ireland, the UK and continental Europe, so needed a single solution to increase direct bookings across their network of hotel websites. The Direct Booking Platform has proven a perfect fit.

PREM Group, based in Dublin, Ireland, has a portfolio of over 40 hotels, serviced apartments and resorts. The group went live with the Direct Booking Platform in early 2017 and has since experienced consistent growth in booking engine conversion rates across their multiple websites.

After going live with the Triptease platform, PREM Group's average booking engine conversion rate grew steadily from 3.69% to 5.46% in just six months. Triptease is helping PREM Group to convert their hard-won website traffic from lookers to bookers by reinforcing the group's Best Price Guarantee and providing engaging messaging that makes every visitor feel personally attended to.

"Coupled with our other book direct propositions such as free gift, best cancellation policy and lower rate, the Triptease platform has helped to reaffirm our website as the best place to book." - Joanna Doyle, Group Sales and Marketing Manager (IRL & UK)

Steady, sustained uplift

PREM Group uplift

The graph above shows the booking engine conversion rates of PREM Group's individual properties over a period of ten months with the Triptease platform. The clear and consistent impact of the Direct Booking Platform is evident in the upward trend of growth across each property's booking engine conversion rate. The Triptease platform is providing a valuable supplement to PREM Group's other direct booking initiatives.

Price Check and Message Porter

PREM Group are using Price Check to reinforce their 'book direct' messaging, reassuring potential guests that the best place to book is on the direct website.

"It gives a level of confidence to our guests that we could not provide without a price comparison tool," says Joanna.

Price Check provides an instant price comparison to visitors searching for dates when PREM Group is in parity or has a cheaper price than the OTAs. It also gives the group space to detail their 'book direct' benefits, such as free cancellation.

PREM Group are also looking forward to further developing their capabilities with Triptease's Message Porter, which allows hoteliers to segment their audience and serve up tailored messaging at crucial points in the booking process. Messages can be segmented by factors as diverse as check-in date, browser language, URL, and length of stay.

So far in 2018 at PREM Group:

25,000 users have seen a Message Porter campaign

18% conversion rate from clicking call-to-action to booking

"We intend to invest more time in Message Porter over the coming months, as we believe the advanced capabilities of the tool will be very valuable for marketing particular rate plans, such as advance bookings and long stay."

Shared focus

As well as being a successful commercial pairing, Triptease and PREM Group share a strong focus on innovation. "We have a practical, entrepreneurial spirit," Joanna says of PREM Group.

"We evolve and adapt, making smart commercial decisions that are performance-driven. We aspire to set industry standards."

Triptease is closely aligned with this high-achieving ethos, delivering 14 product releases in the first three months of 2018 alone. The company has recently released Auto-Agent, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot that helps hoteliers humanize and tailor their website to potential guests.

Brands such as PREM Group who combine size and scale with agility and entrepreneurial focus are a perfect fit for the multi-faceted Direct Booking Platform.

"I find Triptease's approach very refreshing and enjoy their upbeat, entrepreneurial culture. I spoke at the Direct Booking Summit in Barcelona in 2017, and very much enjoyed the atmosphere and focus of the event." - Joanna Doyle

Download case study as pdf

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