If you're a Triptease customer you'll know that you can see the full list of everything our product team is getting up to by clicking on the Updates tab in the Triptease Platform. But we like to share some of our latest innovations here on the Content Hub too in case any other hoteliers are interested to know where our product is heading.

Read on for the product highlights of the past month, including newly-launched features, what our product teams are working on next and examples of how our latest updates are helping hoteliers around the world drive even more direct bookings:

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See the top disparities to fix now

Automated Messages

Target customers by party size

Auberge Hotel Collections case study

See the top disparities to fix now

Product: Parity Monitoring - Date: Thursday 1st August

We know that many hoteliers don't have the time to analyze and archive every disparity, and it can be overwhelming to know exactly where to start if your direct channel is attracting a lot of interested guests. To help tackle this, we’ve introduced a new section within the Parity Monitoring dashboard that shows you exactly which disparities are hurting your hotel the most.

Top disparities to fix now surfaces the three disparities that should be fixed as a priority. You can then simply click on the disparity to view the details and start taking steps to fix it. The Top disparities to fix now section will continue to refresh each day as you resolve existing issues or new disparities emerge.

This new feature means that even if you're short on time and can only spend a few minutes in the Triptease Platform, you can quickly find the most impactful disparities and make a real difference to your hotel.

Automated Messages

Product: Convert - Date: Thursday 15th August

We know that Targeted Messages are an incredibly effective tool for encouraging guests to book direct. In addition to our own research, we see our partner hotels getting great results from a wide variety of unique personalized messages every day. But with so many potential message types available, it can be difficult to know where to start, and how to convey your own hotel’s direct booking offers in the right way.

That’s why we’ve now launched Automated Messages, which are designed specifically to help new or less experienced Triptease users set up impactful messages as quickly as possible. After answering some simple questions, we’ll automatically provide you with a suite of our best performing message types - all tailored to your hotel and the range of direct booking offers you provide.

Once these Targeted Messages have been generated, you’ll be able to publish them as you please - and you’ll still be able to edit the content and styling within the Message Builder if you need to.

Target customers by party size

Product: Convert - Date: Thursday 29th August

To further help clients who run promotions, offers or packages based on party size or type, hotels can now target customers with a particular message based on the number and type of guests they are booking for.

You can create tailored content specifically for people who are booking for the following party sizes:

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Group

    That means if you have special deals for solo travellers, couples, families or groups you can easily let them know! This was another product update requested by lots of hoteliers over on our Feature Request board. If a request gets enough votes we’ll always consider building it because we want the Triptease Platform to be the most useful tool it can possibly be for you. Whether Triptease user or not, please let us know what you'd like to see next!

Auberge Hotel Collections Case Study

Content Type: Case Study - Date: Thursday 29th August

We spoke to Rachel Haber, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & SEO at Auberge Resorts Collection, about how Triptease has helped the group optimize their bidding strategy through an innovative data-led approach. "Triptease's data from thousands of hotels is an asset. It assists in driving better-informed metasearch bidding strategies and actionable recommendations."

Throughout the course of the interview, Haber explains how the Triptease platform - including Price Check, Parity Management, Targeted Messages and more - have allowed Auberge to increase not only the quality of incoming traffic, but also the number of guests who are converting on their direct site. She also provides her views on the future of the industry, including Google Travel's potential impact and how technological solutions are required to withstand growing market competition.

To read more, see the full case study on the Triptease Content Hub.