Product Updates: March 2018

If you're a Triptease customer you'll know that you can see the full list of everything our product team is getting up to by clicking on the Updates tab in the Triptease Platform. But here are a few of the highlights for everyone else...

You can now send great messages faster with Quick Replies

Product: Front Desk - Date: 1st March

Ever since we launched Front Desk, we’ve known how effective it is at converting website visitors into direct bookers. However much of its success depends on the speed and quality of your Agents’ replies.

Our aim was always to build a bespoke chat service for hotels - one that answered the unique issues faced by hoteliers. That’s why our latest update is Quick Replies - a range of saved messages within the Agent Portal that help busy, multitasking Agents give great service faster.

There are two kinds of messages available: saved messages and flow messages.

Saved messages are editable by your Agents and can be tailored to answer questions that are frequently asked about your hotel. Does absolutely everyone want to know how far you are from the town center? Save that response and answer guests with one click from now on.

We’ve also built in some flow messages. These messages can't be edited. They are designed to recognise what stage in a conversation your Agent is at, and provide a relevant response or follow up-question.

This means your Agents continue a conversation easily, handle multiple chats simultaneously, and give your potential guests a taste of the personal service they can expect in your hotel.