It’s not about where you come from; it’s about where you’re going…or at least, where you see yourself going. That’s the message from global distribution system Amadeus in its “Traveller Tribes of 2030” report. It has identified six groups of travellers that will dominate the travel landscape in the future: they’re not based on nationality or on age. They’re also not mutually exclusive. Meet…

The Simplicity Searchers: want the travel experience to be easy and transparent (the ones that are especially hard to lure from an OTA)

The Cultural Purists: like diving headfirst into new experiences (the tribe most likely to order guinea pigs in Peru)

The Social Capital Seekers: share their travel and experience because they view it as a part of their identity (the ones who got most carried away with our selfie sticks).

The Reward Hunters want to make the most of their job’s travel perks by treating themselves (Expensive minibar? Don’t mind if I do…)

The Obligation Meeters : mainly businessmen with a keen eye on their hectic schedules but also increasingly looking to get experiences out of their travel (the ones who could really do with a massage at the end of the day)

The Ethical Travellers: visiting in the first place because of ethical reasons/political beliefs (the guest attending the UN Climate Summit who is deeply unimpressed by your hotel’s daily towel-changing policy)

It’s a bad idea to offer a “one-size-fits all” service to these tribes. Customisation is key to drawing them to your hotel and building their loyalty. That goes for everything: from emails, to room décor to the way you encourage them to share their trip with friends. The sooner you can start putting together a picture of who the guest is, the better. Lots of bigger hotel brands are even investing in a hotel concierge app to communicate with guests and anticipate their needs before they walk through the door.

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