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The Reservation Benchmark

We've spoken to hoteliers across the globe about their current approaches and attitudes to the reservation process. Benchmark yourself here.

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The Reservation Benchmark

In pursuit of our mission to help hoteliers recapture guest relationships and increase conversions on their websites, we conducted a small piece of research.

We asked hoteliers across the United States and Europe to describe their current approaches and attitudes toward the reservation process.

We’ve made the results freely available here so that you might benchmark yourselves.

1) Responsibility for the Reservation Experience is Shared

While reservation teams are common, the work alongside other members of the team. This means guests will be passed across staff members. Focusing on these transitions to share knowledge and keep the customer’s experience smooth is vital.

Reservation requests

2) Bigger Hotels Centralise or Outsource Reservations

Generally the mix of reservation method is the same across all hotel group sizes .

The likelihood of centralising or outsourcing increase with number of hotels, yet at 3-5 hotels, the presence of dedicated agents is slightly less common. This could indicate that hotel information is shared amongst a small team of reservation agents.

When the number of hotels in the group increases, we return to dedicated agents with specialist hotel knowledge.

“I would love to spend less time entering information into the booking system.” - Anonymous Respondent

Reservation management by hotel type

3) Chat Messengers are an Untapped Source of Revenue

Most hotels are set up both to take an online booking or to answer questions over the phone and by email.
A technology gap is restricting hoteliers’ ability to adopt a more direct, personal tone and add value on a proactive basis.

Chat messenger: an untapped source of revenue

4) Big Ambitions and Big Expectation for Digital

In a world where digital is “as important as our lobby lounge”, hoteliers should focus on giving guests a sense of the hotel’s brand as well as making it as easy as possible to research and complete a booking.

“Knowing what somebody is looking at is really helpful…it’s already challenging when some talks about something they’ve seen on social.” - Anonymous Respondent

Big ambition, big expectation

5) 84% Would Consider Using Chat Bots to Help Manage Inbound Bookings (but only 18% are early adopters)

The distribution follows a conventional Technology Adoption Curve. It’s the beginning of a new era, applying machine learning not only to customer service, but even more excitingly, in pricing and marketing strategies.

“Having the answers right away means that they’ve got the information to take action.” - Anonymous Respondent

Early adopters

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The Triptease Platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution and increase their direct revenue.

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