When booking your next holiday, are you considering Airbnb? You should be. It’s worth approximately $10 billion, with estimated $250 million in revenues, has 800,000 host listings in 34,000 cities in 190 countries. So far, over 20 million guests have stayed with hosts since it was launched in 2008. Will you be adding to this figure?

It’s no secret that Airbnb presents a threat to hotels. Why have room service, a freshly cleaned room every day and access to a gym when you could be staying on the sofa of effectively a stranger for half the price?

As the Airbnb generation gets older, we’re wondering whether they will convert to become (hopefully direct) hotel bookers. Here are three reasons why we think they should:

1.     Hotels are legal

Ever trying to fill out a visa or a landing card when staying somewhere on Airbnb? One Tripteaser was questioned over exactly who ‘Trevor’ was. As the flat was in New York, he’d been given a fake name so that the host’s listing wouldn’t get taken down. Sure that was fun at a younger age, but when you’re slightly older a) there’s more to lose and b) why put up with the hassle?

2.     Airbnb varies widely from country to country

There’s a reason why international hotels are more expensive than a local Airbnb. The overheads means they can provide you with a consistent experience no matter which country you’re in. We’re not talking about a generic box with windows (after all the appeal of Airbnb is having a local experience), but we are talking about quality and standards that make your holiday, well, a holiday. One Tripteaser was given a derelict flat in Istanbul. Not quite the experience you’d hope for.

3.     Hotels provide one-off experiences too

Now, unless you’re in the super rich category, you won’t have someone at your beck and call 24 hours a day. How often do you have someone call you to wake you up (unless you’ve downloaded Wakie). How often do you come home to have fresh sheets laid out for you? There are certain luxuries of staying in a hotel that only happen there. Go on…treat yourself.

The appearance of start-ups like One Fine Stay that start to reduce some of that Airbnb brings shows that there’s an appetite for better experiences. There’s a reason why hotels have been around for years, and a reason why you should consider one for your next holiday.