Three things you probably missed at #TTE15

Another week, another travel trade show. With ITB looming next week, the Triptease team headed down to Olympia, London for a trip around #TTE15: Travel Technology Europe 2015. Billed as Europe’s specialist exhibition and conference for technology and e-marketing buyers, our Chief Tease Charlie Osmond took to the Innovate stage to be part of the panel on the future of travel technology, moderated by the lovely Charlotte Lamp Davies from DataArt.

Here are just three things we took away from the talk in case you missed it:

Laziness is driving travel technology 

It’s no secret that personalisation in travel is one of the biggest trends in 2015 and the ever advancing consumer wants travel her way with minimal pain and effort. When asked what is driving the evolution of travel technology, Charlie Davies from iGeolise put it simply: “laziness”. If we think back to travel booking before the internet, it was mostly done by someone else - a travel agent. Technology is now having to catch up at lightning speeds so consumers can go back to having the work done for them. But now it’s computers rather than people making the effort.

Look to retail as an example

A hotly debated topic was the single customer journey. It’s something that our co-founder Charlie talks about as part of being on the British Airways Advisory Board. Vijay Gupta from Adobe cited retail as an industry that is getting it right across consumer touch points. Indeed, we met the team at Sentient One who have set out to help the travel industry connect the dots and as with the point on laziness, it’s only in businesses’ interests to make it easier for their customers.

Innovation takes many different forms

Joacim Everstin from Sabre talked about how innovation differs between large and start-up organisations, while moderator Charlotte asked how the panel would invest $50m at Priceline if they had the power (if case you were wondering, our co-founder would choose data scientists), we know that innovation is at the heart of what we do at Triptease. It’s why we constantly review our products like Price Check - our smart widget that helps drive direct bookings - and look for ways to improve them every day.

So there you have it. Three things you now know in case you missed them at #TTE15 this year.

What do you think the future of travel technology will look like?


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