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TripAdvisor advertising for direct bookings: a "big gutsy step" for hotels

Metasearch can be a little confusing. Listen in to Chief Tease Charlie and General Manager James for the low-down on what Instant Booking means for hotels.

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TripAdvisor advertising for direct bookings: a "big gutsy step" for hotels

Marriott International and Hilton are taking a big step forward in the latest skirmish in the battle for direct bookings.

Hotel adverts on Metasearch? Adverts for loyalty schemes, driving guests to book direct. Sat side-by-side with TripAdvisor's InstantBooking? It seems a little confusing at first glance. Listen in to Charlie and James for the low-down on what this really means for hotel groups, independents and the re-education of guests...

One small step for hotels, one giant leap for direct bookings.

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