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[WATCH] Everything you need to know about online guest experience

Watch our latest Spotlight on... webinar to hear everything we've learned about creating a seamless online customer journey.

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[WATCH] Everything you need to know about online guest experience

Today we hosted the second in our Spotlight on… webinar series and tackled a huge issue for hotels — how to perfect online guest experience.

Triptease’s product designer Chris Hastings-Spital joined us to share his wisdom and experience working for companies including Deliveroo and Transport for London.

Our attendees raised questions on everything from content to javascript to responsiveness. Tune in to the video below to hear everything we’ve learned about creating a seamless online customer journey and all Chris’ tips and tricks for building effective websites.

We picked out our key takeaways from the session. Starting with…

Test, test and test again

Testing your website regularly is something we believe strongly in here at Triptease. Chris explained that this doesn’t have to cost the earth, there are some “quick and dirty” tests you can do that will still yield really valuable results. All you need is a group of friends who aren’t familiar with your website and half an hour of their time. Get them to go through the booking process on your website and comment aloud on what they like and dislike. You’ll quickly locate any pain points.

The tools at your fingertips

You can learn a lot about your website and how it’s performing in a matter of minutes with the help of freely available online tools. Some favourites of ours that came up during the webinar:

  • wave.webaim.org — To assess how accessible your site is.
  • UX Check — A Google Chrome plug-in that will benchmark your site against measures of usability.
  • Tinypng.com — Use it to optimise images for web.

Perfect mobile

UX experts say responsive sites, which adapt according to the device you’re using to view them, are a must, but Chris thinks differently. Responsive is certainly the ideal, but with so many people using their phones to book travel today, the most important thing is that your site is mobile friendly. If you have an effective mobile option, keep it!

We hope you enjoyed this webinar. If you have any feedback or questions, get in touch at content@triptease.com. You can also read the Spotlight on... Online Guest Experience report for more information.

We’ll be hosting another webinar with tnooz covering everything you need to know about live chat at the end of the month. All the details will be coming soon!

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