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Drive your conversion rate with intelligent website testing

Join Justyn Hornor, Senior Product Manager at a Fortune 250 hotel, in conversation with Triptease about website testing and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Drive your conversion rate with intelligent website testing

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"We as hoteliers have to do so many things. OTAs only have to do one thing really well: conversion, conversion, conversion."

That was Justyn Hornor's opening message at the Direct Booking Summit: Americas in Dallas earlier this year. As the Senior Product Manager at a Las Vegas Fortune 250 hotel, Justyn is no stranger to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - but was surprised by the lack of product-focused thinking he found upon joining the hotel industry.

"[The hotel industry] is about to hit a crisis as the OTAs just get better and better," Justyn cautioned. "As a unit, we need to collectively get better. This is a challenge that hoteliers must step up and face as a group – otherwise the OTAs will continue to take market share and leverage their position to drive up our rates."

Justyn took our delegates through his approach - used by RetailTech, FinTech, and HighTech startups - of evidence-based design (the process of basing decisions on credible research) and how it empowers his team to make regular, incremental changes to their website that add up to serious conversion rate increases. "We like to see a 2-3% uplift on anything we do," he shared.

On November 15th, Justyn joined Triptease's own Charlie Osmond to delve further into the topic of intelligent website testing and how hoteliers can keep up with OTAs. Techniques for small and large hotels were discussed. You can watch the recording here.

Watch recording

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