Booking a hotel room should be a joy. Whether it's the change of scenery, the room service or the mini bar, there's normally always something to look forward to. However all too often hotel websites disappoint guests. 94% of people have abandoned a booking lately, and 29%  did so because of the website they were using.


We set out to find out why this is. Starting with a survey to over 1,000 travellers worldwide, we uncovered some common trends such as a universal desire for large, beautiful photos and the gradual longing to be able to book using Facebook.

All of our findings have been compiled into our first ever ebook: Get a Room: eight things people want when booking a hotel. Hit the link and download 11 informative pages that include commentary from Lennert de Jong, Commercial Director at CitizenM on what the leading group does to increase transparency on site and how that impacts bookings.

Hoteliers: don't disappoint your guests. Find out what they really want when booking a hotel room now.