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The diversity and inclusion movement at Triptease

Customer Success Manager Linda Chu takes us through Triptease's commitment to diversity and inclusion at work and beyond!

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The diversity and inclusion movement at Triptease

This is a post by Linda Chu, Customer Success Manager at Triptease

Here at Triptease, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our client base. From beach resorts in Thailand to alpine lodges in Italy to luxury hotels in New York City, we are constantly learning so much from our thousands of global partners.

Within Triptease, we also strive for diversity as well. With over a hundred Tripteasers based across our New York, London, and Singapore offices, we have engineers who hail from a chemistry background, customer success managers with backgrounds in improv, and account executives who are also clothing designers. But we can always do more.

Over the past six months, Tripteasers across all offices started and implemented a diversity and inclusion ‘movement’ within the company. It started with a simple question that we kept asking ourselves: How can we improve and celebrate diversity at Triptease?

To answer this, we did what we always do first when starting a new project: research. A group of us - engineers, customer success managers, technical leads, product managers, data analysts came together across oceans to tackle this together.

We studied diversity and inclusion initiatives that have taken place in both hospitality and tech. We talked to our peers in the industry to bounce ideas off of each other. We reflected with each other how we envisioned Triptease to be an industry leader in this field.

We ultimately determined that we needed to also know what diversity looked like currently within Triptease to better understand where to go next.

After too many drafts to count and feedback from our Chief Tease and senior management team, we launched our company’s first diversity and inclusion survey. One hundred percent of our senior management completed the survey and 93% of the company completed it overall. For all of us, it was a huge success.

From the survey, we learned that we as a company, and as individuals, greatly value diversity in both our professional and personal lives. It makes us more innovative, creative, and strong. Yet, there was also much work needed to be done. We have to improve communication across our three global offices, as well as continue to prioritize diversity in hiring. We needed to promote diversity in the workspace more to live up to the standards we see ourselves achieving.

So what next? We have now hired a ‘Head of People’ to spearhead people operations here at Triptease. We’ve also formalized a diversity committee open to the whole company that will meet on a regular basis to organize diversity and inclusion initiatives. In the long term, we strive to continue to hire from more diverse sources as well.

But we’re not ready to stop there. There’s so much room for improvement, not just at Triptease, but in both the tech and hospitality industries. We gladly accept that as our challenge. We now know what directions we need to take next and invite you to come along for the ride.

To our fellow hoteliers, we'd love to hear about any initiatives you've implemented for improving diversity and inclusion!

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