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Grow revenue with pre-booking guest data, automatically sent to your CRM

Find out how you can get high-quality, segmented first-party data that's automatically sent to your CRM and win against your direct competitors and OTAs

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Cart abandonment. Lack of personalization. Price-sensitive customers. For marketers, these are just a handful of issues that make a typical 9-5 job more stressful than it should be. And up until now the hotel industry has always been on the back foot when compared to eCommerce.

On top of all this, Google are phasing out cookies in 2024 so it’s a race against time for hoteliers. It’s simple, if you don’t have a sophisticated first-party strategy in place then you will lose out to OTAs and your direct competitors.

Triptease Audience Sharing provides high-quality, segmented first-party data that's automatically sent to your CRM. With this, you can send targeted, personalized email content to specific types of customers who have interacted with your website, such as families, last-minute bookers, or people looking to stay on a specific date, like Valentine's Day.

Audience Sharing is your second chance to win back potentially lost customers and missed direct bookings. Run powerful automated marketing campaigns - including ‘no room availability’, ‘price-sensitive’ or ‘cart-abandonment’ email campaigns - that unlock an entirely new stream of revenue.

Getting the right data is hard and your CRM can only do so much

With 72% of consumers saying that they only engage with marketing messages that are personalized and tailored to their interests, it’s clear that hotels will need to evolve in this space or lose out. But understanding your prospective guests can be difficult when you have little access to pre-booking audience insights and data, in addition to limited resources and staff.

You need first-party data to future proof your hotel. This type of data is key in running a successful marketing strategy. Hoteliers can use this type of data to effectively personalize communications without relying on third-party cookies. 

However, getting it right is hard. 

The reality is that collecting first-party data and making good use of it is complex. In a recent Triptease survey on hotelier customer data, many hoteliers agreed that the following challenges hold them back.

  • Getting data from customers that's compliant with data regulations
  • Capturing data that's high quality to pesonalize marketing campaigns
  • Not having the resources to collect to analyze customer data 

Right now the only option that's anywhere close to good enough for hotel marketers has been using a CRM. And your CRM is good at storing data on guests who have already stayed at your hotel.

The only problem is your CRM can't give you data on guests who haven't stayed with you yet. When we asked hoteliers about their current CRM health - it wasn't pretty. In fact, trying to create engaging, personalized content based on customer data from your CRM alone is something that's not easily done.

Currently, many hoteliers know very little about their prospective guests - often being limited to just name, country and language (if that!). We also know hotel marketers spend too much time on low value tasks, such as manual uploads which prevents them from - more impactful - work.

Introducing Triptease Audience Sharing

  • Grow revenue with pre-booking customer data: Triptease Email Capture helps hotels collect thousands of first-party customer emails directly on their website and booking engine. In less than three months, one mid-market hotel captured over 1,900 email addresses and influenced over $100,000 in direct bookings. 

Speak to a member of our team and find out how much monthly revenue you could make with Email Capture.

  • Understand your customers with audience insights: Build a hyper-targeted email strategy with customer data that's automatically segmented based on audience type and behavior. Triptease captures hard-to-access data on your pre-stay customers and automatically segments it into usable audience targeting lists.

  • Send customer data straight to your CRM: When hoteliers shared their major challenges around customer data collection, answers such as ‘time taken to manually input data’, ‘cost, time and skills’ and ‘not having enough staff to manage this’ revealed that most hoteliers cannot collect pre-stay efficiently. With Triptease’s CRM integrations, hoteliers can automatically sync rich customer data without the hassle.


Across a four month period, EOS Hospitality Hotels collected over 3k customer emails, generating more than $200k in revenue with our Revinate CRM integration.

Ready to find your monthly revenue increase?

Find out what the Triptease Data Marketing Platform’s Audience Sharing functionality could do for your hotel’s marketing strategy and revenue. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with the answer!

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