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Fuel Podcast: The Art and Science of Upselling

This week, Fuel's Hotel Marketing podcast is entering the tricky world of hotel upsell.

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Fuel Podcast: The Art and Science of Upselling

This week, Fuel's Hotel Marketing Podcast is tackling Upselling. Serving more than 250 hoteliers and clients worldwide, we think they just might know a little bit about it. Here's the main points and a few hints and tips!

  • There are many benefits of upselling - for you and for your guest.
    • You get an increase in revenue from successful upselling
    • Your guest's experience is enhanced by providing more value and personalization. You might be letting them know about something they had missed!

  • Upselling should occur throughout the guest’s journey
    • Once your guest has booked - they have started the upselling sales cycle!
    • Guests might have missed upgrade options if they are only offered at a single point within the cycle. Keep offering - they might be pleasantly surprised.
    • The guests’ needs might change over time. A family that has already booked a room might later find out that they can get a suite for only $10 more. Making sure they are aware of this later in the cycle might get them upgrading.
    • There are many “micro-moments” of decisions that a guest makes. They can change their mind in between so make the most of it.

  • Tips
    • Always give a range of options - that way they are deciding which one to pick rather than yes or no!
    • If customers are looking for low-cost options, use a “bottom up” approach and then only mention the incremental difference - “for only $25 more…”
    • Sell the value - be specific about all of your benefits! "From your room you can feel the sea breeze, hear the waves crash..."
    • Present upgrades as a unique opportunity - it's more exciting that way. Why not try "We've just had some of our upgrade rooms become available..."?

Listen in to the whole of Fuel’s Hotel Marketing Podcast!

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