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2022 Customer Data Survey: Have your say on capturing, managing and using hotel customer data

Take part in our 2022 Customer Data Survey now and have your say on how you're currently capturing, managing and using hotel customer data.

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One of the many benefits of successful direct booking strategy is that it allows hotels to have complete ownership of their customer data.

Capturing customer data should be a top priority for any hotel. It allows you to understand what audiences are visiting your website and booking engine, which of those visitors are making a booking, what types of people are booking what kinds of stays, who is more likely to purchase upgrades and add-ons, and lots more too.

But with so much of a typical hotel's technology stack fragmented and siloed across different systems that don't integrate easily, creating a single source of truth about your customers is a huge challenge.

That's why our latest industry survey is design to understand how hoteliers are currently collecting, managing, analyzing and using their customer data - but also where they are struggling and what they wish could be different or better!

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The benefits of having single view of your customers

Having a single, coherent view of your customers provides a whole host of benefits:

  • It makes your marketing efforts more flexible and agile
  • It removes blind spots in your understanding of your customers, which can open up new opportunities for growth
  • It allows you to provide hyper-personalized content and offers to specific segments of your audience
  • It makes it easier to update and optimize your website and booking engine
  • It gives your a clearer view of the entire customer journey and where customers might be dropping off

So, over to you: How is your hotel currently collecting and using customer data and where are your issues and concerns? This is your chance to contribute to our next in-depth industry report, tackling the biggest issues facing hoteliers today. Our recent 2022 Hotelier's Guide to Wholesalers provided in-depth insights from hotels around the world on how they're dealing with one of the greatest challenges of hotel distribution. Our latest survey will tackling the most important opportunity for hotels in the future.

What will you gain from our Hotelier's Guide to Customer Data?

  • Trends and insights from our Customer Data Survey
  • Top tips from the hotel industry on acquiring, managing and using customer data
  • Exclusive interviews with industry experts

Take part in our 2022 Customer Data Survey now and have your say on how you're currently capturing, managing and using hotel customer data.

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Holly is Head of Product Marketing at Triptease.

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