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Product Updates: January 2019

View all the improvements we've made to the Triptease Platform this month, to increase direct bookings and build better guest relationships for hotels.

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Product Updates: January 2019

If you're a Triptease customer you'll know that you can see the full list of everything our product team is getting up to by clicking on the Updates tab in the Triptease Platform. But we always like to share the highlights on the blog too because we're nice like that...

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Introducing Message variants
Your monthly performance email

Introducing Message variants

Product: Message Porter - Date: Wednesday 23rd January

One of the great things about our self-service Message Builder is that hoteliers can create many different kinds of messages to display to guests. You can experiment with everything from images and colours to headline text and button actions - you can even upload your own custom designs.

But with all that choice available, it can be hard to know which design - or which direct booking offer - works best for converting your customers. That’s why we’ve added variant testing to the platform, which will allow you to run two versions of one message at the same time and track which one performs best for your business.

This means you’ll be able test and prove all kinds of theories about what will increase conversions on your website. Should you offer a free breakfast or a free shuttle trip? Does a 15% discount drive significantly more direct bookings than 10%? You can now easily create two versions of the same message, with half your visitors being shown the original (variant A) and half seeing the modified message (variant B). Triptease will then track how each website visitor interacts with the message they are shown and you can monitor the effect your changes had on customer behaviour.

Screen shot of the Message Builder featuring a custom image variant test
Want to learn more about how variant testing works and why you should try it? Head over to our help center.

Your monthly performance email

Product: Insights - Date: Monday 21st January

This year we want to make it much easier to see and share the value that Triptease is adding to your business. That’s why on the first of every month our hotel partners now receive an email summarising their monthly performance.

Screen shot of the monthly performance email from Triptease

This is a great report to bring to monthly meetings and share with colleagues, but we'd love to know what other stats you’d like to see in your monthly performance email. Get in touch and let us know!

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Holly is Head of Product Marketing at Triptease.

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